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The Networking Heart Online Conference
25th April '24 2pm-430pm BST (GMT+1)

A conference for healers, spiritual coaches, therapists, practitioners and anyone who is curious about alternative therapies, and wants to create more health and well-being from the Heart

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Are you new to online networking, and would love to be in a calm, relaxed environment where you can naturally connect to likeminded people with ease?

Are you looking for an online platform that connects differnt healers and therapists, and get to know likeminded practitioners, to collaborate and share ideas?

Have you been struggling to find a healer and a method that is perfect for you, and the problem you’re trying to resolve?

Are you curious about the world of alternative therapies and remedies, and would like to know what is out there?

Are you looking to showcase your gifts and skills, without the worry of 60-second pitches and time limits, and where you can express from the Heart what your services are all about?

Then let your Heart lead the way forward!

Come joins us at The Networking Heart Online Conference
25th April ‘24 2pm-430pm BST (GMT+1)

A conference for healers, spiritual coaches, therapists, practitioners and anyone who is curious about alternative therapies, and wants to create more health and well-being from the Heart

This conference is for you if: -You are a healer, spiritual coach, or health and well-being therapist who is looking to foster Heart-centred connections, and expand your network of likeminded healers and therapists -

You want to showcase your skills as a healer, engage in heartful conversations, as well as connect to your ideal clients 
You’d like to collaborate or partner with fellow therapists and coaches, and create new opportunities together
You are looking to meet health and well-being practitioners, and hear how they can help you with a problem you’re struggling with right now
You are someone who has been searching for a while for the right spiritual coach, guide or therapist, and wants to hear the Voice of your Heart say ‘This is who I’ve been looking for! They just get me!’

What’s so difference about this conference?
-It’s a Heart-based platform, where people connect to and speak from the Heart, and reach out with Love and empathy to their clients and fellow healers.
-It’s a place where we drop the competitive attitude that is so prevalent in this world, and we foster heart-to-heart connections to collaborate and expand our service offerings
-A place where we engage in group conversations and debates, and we showcase our skills and gifts to better serve our clients
-A platform where the participants can truly connect to their dream healer and therapist, and experience the different healing modalities and methods offered by the practitioners
-A space where everyone is free to share their perception and ask questions, and foster long-term relationships in a joyful and safe manner
-Break-out rooms, where you can speak to someone 121 or in smaller groups, and create a more intimate and meaningful connections 
About your Host

I'm Eli, the Voice of the Heart, and my passion is to help you master your intuitive abilities, so you restore your health and well-being by turning your body into a compass for sensing the energies in and around you.

I used to think life was pretty much in black and white, until the day that I became very ill and had to reconsider all of my life's choices

That's when the LightFrequencies connected with me and told me about my inner power to connect to my Heart and Body to change my reality more intuitively and from the inside out,

That's when I began by listening to my Heart messages and trusting it more and more for guidance, and reveal to me a new reality through the Body beyond what I believed to be  true and real

My inner knowing of things, people and situations became clearer, I grew in confidence and I gradually let go of all my worries and doubts about myself and my life.

My health recovered, my family squabbles gradually disolved, and my realtionships had a complete make over, because I had began living from the space of the Heart to guide me.

I have no doubts whatsoever that the deeply spiritual and physical transformation i experienced is something that you too can attain, just by trusting in the power of your Heart and your senses to help you create more Joy, confidence and willpower in your life!

Join me and other wonderful healers 25th April '24 so you can experience this for yourself!
Frequently Asked Questions

-I’m not used to speaking in public, is this space right for me?
YES! Just pop in, listen to what other healers have to say, and connect with likeminded people, we welcome you with an open Heart There’s no pressure to say or share anything in particular. Just your presence is enough to amplify the Love and the Light we share in this conference

-I’m a fairly new therapist, and I don’t have many clients, is it ok for me to come along? YES! Come say hi, there’s only one of you! your personality and skills are unique to this world! And remember we all started from scratch, so we’ll support you on your journey of expansion

-I know very little about energy healing and alternative therapies, could I just pop in and listen in? YES! Absolutely! This is open to anyone who is curious about alternative healing methods, and would like to know more, so we welcome you with open Hearts

-I’m already a therapist, and well established in my line of business, would this be right for me? YES! This is another opportunity to tell us what you do, showcase your skills, network with likeminded healers, and connect to new clients

-Would there be enough time for me to speak about what I do, or ask questions to any of the healers and therapists in the conference? YES! Everyone gets the chance to speak if it feels right, and you also get the chance to share your details with everyone at the conference, so they can stay in touch with you.

-Will I get to speak 121 with someone? YES! There will be break-out rooms, so you can speak to someone 121 based on your Heart alignment Don’t forget you can also drop your details, so you can stay in touch with everyone at the conference

Don’t simply follow your Heart… Let it lead the way forward to a new way for you to connect to likeminded souls and kindred spirits! Just trust your Networking Heart
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