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Unlock Your Inner Power to Manifest a New Reality Now!


The Soul Expansion Program

Master your limitless inner power to create a new reality with focus and ease

This 6-week 121 program will help you connect to your intuitive abilities, and become confident with listening to your inner-self voice and let it guide you!

Most importantly you'll begin to experience the difference in your everyday life, as you'll learn to easily decode signals and sensations from your body and surrounding environment, and feel more focusconfident and calmness from within.

The sessions are individually tailored to your perception and needs, however this is an outline of what you'll learn over a period of 6 weeks:

week 1: how to connect to your Higher Consciousness power, access your creative loving energy, and learn to trust your inner voice; how to clearly distinguish between the overactive mind and your intuitive self. How to deal with negative emotions and feelings in a loving and compassionate way, and gradually learn to let go of them. 

week 2: how to dowse and muscle test on yourself to interpret the signals and sensations from your body's information field in relation to your everyday life. This can be adapted to resolve a specific challenge of your choice (foods, relationships, work, health etc).

week 3: how to shield for added protection from external interferences and unwanted patterns.

continue working on a challenge of your choice by applying the Light of Creation to release old patterns, by identifying the specific organ/s blocking the energy flow.   

week 4: identify negative energies in relationships (vampirism, psychic attacks, negative thoughts, spells etc) and learn to dissolve them. 

work intuitively with the Sphere of Creation to resolve a challenge of your choice in the everyday reality.

week 5: learn to work with sounds, colours, images and words to resolve your challenge from the field of imagination to your everyday reality field. Learn to step outside the timeline to bring a faster and harmonious resolution to your challenge. 

week 6: learn to scan for unwanted energies in your living space that might affect your well-being and your loved ones  (home, office, garden, etc) and how to transform them with love and compassion.