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Unlock Your Inner Power to Manifest a New Reality Now!

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The Life Force Energy Expansion Program

Awaken the power of your Life Force Energy to create a new reality in your life with focus and ease

In this 6-week 121 program you'll learn to intuitively connect to the power of your Heart energy field, and become confident with your Inner Voice to make decisions and choices that feel just right!

You'll learn to decode the Body's signals and sensations, and learn to release detrimental energies from your Body, in a way that feels that now you have harnessed an incredible self-healing power inside of yourself, and that gives you more energy, stamina, enthusiasm, and makes you feel much more confident and supported while making choices and decisions 

Be prepared to experience a shift in consciousness, and how you feel in your Body, as you become more aware of how it reacts to the surrounding energies and experiences in your life, as you learn to build more focus and calmness from within, by gradually gauging your energy levels and the state of your nervous system

The sessions are tailored to your individual needs and goals, however these are some of the things you can expect to experience in the program:

week 1: How to connect to your Heart energy field, expand the power of your creative Life Force Energy, and learn to trust your inner voice;

How to clearly discern the voice of your Mind from that of the Heart. 

week 2: How to detect and interpret the signals and sensations from your Body's field with clear and simple simple steps 

How to relax your Body and the nervous system, as a way to transform anxiety and stress into a calm and relaxing state.

week 3: How to become aware of energies around you that impact your Life Force, by building more sensitivity in the Body to the subtle changes related to thoughts, emotions, memories and experiences in your life. 

How to shield for added protection from external interferences and unwanted patterns.

week 4: How to identify detrimental energies and patterns hidden in the different organs and tissues of the body, and release them.  

Learn to use the power of words and colours to anchor your intentions, and release old patterns and programs (for instance family and ancestral patterns, group mentality, childhood experiences), that are at the root cause of ill health and so-called dis-eases. 

week 5: How to identify negative self-talk and its root cause, the impact it has on your Body and your health, and how to release it. 

week 6: How to train your Body to become a compass to scan for the presence of beneficial and detrimental energies in your life, as a way to boost your energy levels, stop the overthinking, and feel more confident with your inner power to scan and self-heal. 

Along with sessions' recordings, you'll receive a handout with the exercises, with do's and don'ts to ensure you fully benefit from the program 

What People say about me

I could feel the energy at work making it very real for me. After the session it started to rain cats and dogs which I perceived as a release or cleansing of something from my energy field that no longer served me and was holding me back in many ways.....Eli helped me release negative energy from my immediate environment and I was so relieved and grateful for seeing the environment change for the better not long after. 

Anna, UK

I just experienced the most radical transformational session of MY ENTIRE LIFE!

It was with someone far away from where I am. She's in London and I am in Los Angeles, during the session she asked me what it was that I would like to work on, and then she took me through the most amazing internal light show that I have ever experienced.  This experience was on a whole different level!

Monika, USA.

The investment in this program is $989.00 for the full 6 weeks. You can choose between the below-listed payment methods.

If your preferred payment method isn't listed, please contact me, and we'll arrange one that is better suited to your needs. 

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