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Your Intuitive Power Hours

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Fear, worry, anxiety, what do they feel like for you? 

Maybe you don’t know you have them, maybe you think ‘this doesn't sound like me!’ 

Well…. let’s see….

- Does it feel hard for you to breathe at times? Like something pressing on your chest? To the point that you can’t even think and focus on anything? 

- Maybe just thinking of something that makes you anxious, to the point that you feel the need to busy yourself with something else, just to avoid facing the way you’re feeling? 

And wish you were some other place, in a faraway country even, just so you can escape that thought causing you headaches, and avoid having to make any decisions about it? 

- Are you dreading conversations, interactions, to the point that you feel your energies wane at the mere thought of interacting with certain people, or going certain places, because you think nothing will ever change, and you expect them to make you feel drained, exhausted, and like you just want to disappear? 

- Do you feel at times like you can’t concentrate on anything you do, maybe not even meditate, or try to sit and relax, because the same thoughts of anguish and grief have been gnawing at your soul for a while now? 

- Is worry about the future, fear of making decisions, or pressure to meet goals and deadlines a matter of fact in your life, something you’ve come to regard as normality? 

It doesn’t have to be your ‘normal’, you too can experience a life that you feel is fulfilling and full of opportunities to express yourself in million different ways

You too deserve to be happy! 

I used to be just like you, suffering from constant mood swings, poor digestion, headaches, difficulty sleeping, getting hot and cold very quickly, overeating, feeling like I could never measure up to what was expected of me, which led to me becoming really anxious and tense, and ultimately develop a major illness which brought on depression and suicidal thoughts.

What changed? 

Switching gears, literally! 

Allowing my Heart to take the lead in this adventure I call Life, and stopping my overthinking Mind to hold me back and change direction every five minutes for fear of the consequences and mistakes, and finally take the passenger seat instead…….

If you’re someone who tends to worry a lot about things and people around you, about the future, feels overwhelmed, tires easily, and is unable to do things with enthusiasm, because your thoughts are spinning in your head and it all feels too much for you, then you are not alone!

We all suffer from burnout, confusion, grief, not feeling good enough, and having to motivate yourself to go do things, when in fact you wish you didn’t have to, because it’s a huge burden!

My intuitive Power Hours will help you change all that!

you will learn to get in touch with your Heart, that powerful intuitive inner compass that will guide you in feeling calmer, more focused, release the tension and anxiety you hold in your body, and build more energy and stamina that will make self-doubt and fear feel like a distant memory from the past…

We will work on that one thing that creates so much pressure and anxiety for you, and you will experience what it feels like to break free of that worry and overthinking, in a way that you will feel you’re breathing fresh air again for the first time in your life, and feel lighter because now you have found some peace inside of yourself, and now you’re now getting your energy back:)

What would you do if you felt that weight lifted off your shoulders? 

If you could breathe and focus with ease? 

If you had so much energy now because ideas and thoughts are clear again?

And since you can now think and focus normally, you have the time and the energy to do what you’ve been putting off for months? 

And what would that new project, that new activity look like and feel like to you? Can you see the possibilities now?

Take a leap of courage from the Heart, and allow your Inner Voice to turn your wishes and desires into reality, by breaking free of negative self-talk and beliefs you probably are not even aware of, and that they’re controlling the outcomes in your life.

The sessions are 1.5 hours, plus you'll get the recording afterwards

Become the confident warrior of love that you are meant to be, by breaking free once and for all of your fears and worries!

Because you deserve to be happy!

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