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I have had Many, Many readings and by far this was such a beautiful in-depth reading. You have such a gift of tuning into people's energy and picking up on the small things that end up making such an important difference. The accuracy of this reading was so on target, it was almost as if you knew me already! You are such a lovely reader

Arielle, US

Talking to Eliana helped me assess some

issues in my life and gain perspective. It

helped me to take my next steps with greater confidence. 

James, UK

Eliana is a wonderful coach and helped me prepare my new job interview. She helped me identify the potential areas of development to improve my presentation. She also provided great insight into how to optimise my presentation with a positive mindset and open-minded attitude. 

I also understood what needs to be  the best approach to interview to have a great interview. I'm now happy to say that thanks to Eliana's help I'm working in a new international company paid a much better salary and am really happy.    Francesco, Milan, Italy. 

I've decided to take the bold step into investing in real estate, after you talked about the comfort zone. I've finally decided to pull myself out there by putting fear far away from me. I will let you know how everything went when I'm done investing and I know everything will come out successful. Thank you so much you're a life saver, every businessman needs to have someone like you working with them. Richard, US

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