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Are you ready to be truly in Love with your intuitive abilities?

Learn to trust your Heart, Body and senses to make decisions and choices that feel 100% right, so all doubts, worries and anxiety become a thing of the past, never to be feared again?

You know there's a reality beyond your 5 senses, and wish you could interpret it, learn to transform these subtle energies with the power of your feelings and intentions


I sense what you're going through, that voice inside of you, talking to you all day long

You know that if you could trust it, you'd feel a lot more confident in your choices and decisions

You know that you'd stop feeling confused and overwhelmed, if you had that strong  Inner Knowing yelling loud messages to you

What if I told you that you can do all this, in a way that feels natural and flowing in your life, and that removes all the obstacles for you one by one, just by training your sensitivity more and more, and with a group of likeminded souls?

If you want to rise in Love with your senses and your everknowing Intuition, the Academy of Dauntless Creators from the Heart is for YOU!

A safe and creative space where your senses will get amplified more and more, and where your creative powers will supercharge your confidence and the belief that what you think and feel will give you all the answers you're looking for!

What's in it for me?


          Training to boost your Intuition to the farthest reaches of the Galaxy and Beyond, such as:

  • How to work with your Heart and Body to connect to your Inner Voice

  • How to build Strong Inner Knowing from the space of the Heart and the Mind

  • How to drop kick inner conflict, fear and self-doubt for good, and replace them with more inner focus, inner strength and belief in your inner power more and more

  • How to work with the subtle energies in and around your Body, and really surprise yourself at the changes happening in your life!

  • How to work with challenging energies in your home,  from people, foods, places etc and how to resolve them

  • How to understand how external energies and experiences impact your Health and well-being, especially if you suffer from recurring so-called dis-eases, aches, pains, and feel drained, out of focus, and emotionally challenged more often than not

  • How to connect to a reality beyond your 5 senses that feels safe, and where you build more energy and confidence in the process


          A Private Facebook Group to ask questions any time of the day, 24X7, to get feedback on your progress, and to connect to people who just like yourself want to grow more intuitive. 

Remember: alone you are strong, but together we are a Force to be reckoned with!

          2 to 3  Heart-to-Mind monthly Zoom sessions to train together on different topics, and  to ask me any questions LIVE!  

Daily prompts, exercises, inspirations and tips to boost your intuitive abilities, and your connection to the Body



Don't believe me still? 

You don't need to! See how others describe their transformation while working with me



Citrus Fruits

Zee Rosa, USA

I'm learning so much from your program, and so many changes already! 

I just wish I had met you sooner my friend!

Kelly Scallan UK

I had the honour of a virtual energy session with Eliana. 

Eliana has a beautiful presence and aura; she's intuitive, soothing and professional, I felt calm, relaxed, understood and safe. Before our session I had been challenged with feeling emotionally depleted and experienced blocked energy. Eliana skillfully and intuitively guided me, filling my heartspace with renewed warmth and flow, releasing and clearing stuck energies, physical painn and realigning my intuition. I felt so much more in tune and elevated following on from our session. I highly recommend working with Eliana! thank you Eliana!

Teana Lynne, UK

I LOVE shouting about WONDERFUL people.....Don't you?

I was lucky enough to have a session with Eliana Barosco!

Eliana has the most soothing voice. it washes over you and makes you feel SAFE and PROTECTED.

I honestly wasn't sure what to expect at all. Throughout the session Eliana guided my thoughts, my breathing, my mind, part of which was like a guided meditation, which led me to actually visualise BETTER than i USUALLY am able to. I've NEVER felt this to be something that comes to me naturally and the best i usually see are colours. THIS time i visualised actual things!

i'd woken with a sore back on the morning of the session and without knowing this, Eliana said she felt i was holding pain in my bladder and back! WOW! This is via a zoom call by the way, and not even face to face! 

After the session I felt so rested, so relaxed and PAIN FREE! That night i slept a full 8 hours, something i rarely do nowadays, usually getting 7 at BEST, so this was INCREDIBLE for me. I woke feeling COMPLETELY rested. 

Eliana made me feel relaxed, pain free and the next day fully rested and re-energised!

A little bit about ME

I'm Eli and I'm an intuitive life coach, and my passion is to help you master your intuitive abilities, and change your reality by changing the energies in your inner world that is your Heart and the Body
I used to think life was pretty much in black and white, until the day that I became very ill and had to reconsider all of my life's choices
That's when the LightFrequencies connected with me and told me about my inner power to connect to my Heart as a way to tune more intuitively into my Body, and understand how to use it as a compass for change in my life
That's when I started listening to the messages from my Body, and began seeing it as my guide and mentor, slowing revealing to me the hidden blocks I had retained over the decades at both emotional and physical level, and what I had to do to restore it to good health. 
My inner knowing of things, people and situations became gradually clearer, I grew more confident, and eventually let go of all my worries and fears about myself and my life's journey.
My health recovered, my family squabbles gradually disolved, and my realtionships had a complete make over, because I had began connecting with people from the space of the Heart, and the reality of a new healthy body. 
I know that the deeply spiritual and physical transformation I experienced is something that you too can attain, just by trusting in the power of your Heart and your Body to help you create more Joy, confidence and willpower in your life!

If you're reading this, then you are ready to experience it!
When you are in your Heart Space you become Limitless!

JOIN US to create the life you desire TODAY!

Become Fearless from the Heart, and unlock your Inner Power to create a new Reality

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