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The Rejuvenation Masterclass

Learn to tap into your Divine Infinite Power
to bring more Health back into your Body,
while feeling and looking younger in the process! 



Let me tell you something about Rejuvenation:

it is not a myth, or simply a narcissistic, selfish desire….

It’s a reality that you can feel and see in your Mind and your Body!

Since I began practising the process of Rejuvenation over a decade ago, my health improved so much, as many of my ailments gradually disappeared, because my body began feeling stronger and younger…

Since integrating this practice in my life, I began feeling so much energy in my body, that energy that you feel when you’re in your 20s, that the world is yours to explore, and that there’s no limit to the things you can do and experience…

That energy of you wanting to be more in touch with the things you love doing in your life, that make you feel fulfilled, because you now feel so good in your own body and your own skin!

At the same time the process will help you feel and look younger and younger, which is when I began experiencing people looking at me in amazement when they’d learn my real age, while they thought I was in my late 30s instead!

How did I make it happen?

In the words of the great Bruce Lee: ‘The Body doesn’t know the difference’

Because the Body follows you wherever you take it, and will listen to whatever you tell it to become and do!

Experience the transformative power of Rejuvenation in this one and only Masterclass!

This is where you’ll learn a simple yet powerful technique to help your Body heal from within at the cellular level….

…and to learn to apply for yourself the secret to feeling and looking younger…

You’ll learn how the concept of time has a deep bearing on your health and the process of ageing, and how you can reverse it to look and feel younger…

Be prepared to experience more energy, motivation, and that now you’re so in touch with your body, that you understand how to attract good health and youth back into your life!

All by practising this ONE simple technique!

The session is a combination of visualisation techniques, verbal affirmations/commands as well as breath work

I can’t wait to share this with you, because you deserve to feel young and healthy again!

A bit about me


My name is Eliana, I'm an intuitive Heart and Body coach, and my passion in life is to help you reconnect to your Body, in a way that you can uncover and release the emotional and physical blocks you're holding on it, by decoding the sensations in your Body in a safe and loving setting

Prior to expanding my intuitive powers, I used to be very black and white, living a life in the fast lane, being very judgemental and critical of everything and everyone, until the day when I became very ill, and was forced to question everything I had believed up until then

That's when i began my journey back into the Heart, gradually reconnected with my senses and feelings, and discovered that not only I could perceive things beyond the known senses, but that I could change reality through them


This changed my perceptions completely, because I began trusting myself more and more, became more confident, more assertive, my body returned to good health, resolved many emotional challenges with my family, and surrounded myself with loving and supportive friends and soulmates

That's why I decided to embody my gifts, and share them with wonderful souls such as yourself to help you through your wonderful journey of expansion

If I did it, you can do it i too, and just by returning to your Heart and tuning into your Body!




See what people feel after working with me


Laura, Spain

I am really glad I joined your academy.

Your first video this year, and the method you showed us had something scientific/very structured...I mean i can really see the benefit, and the download of information i got, i love it! And the Cosmic Joy concept, i love it too! I am happy I am working with you, developing my intuition. Thank you from the dephts of my Heart!

I feel the work with You is opening unimaginable doors towards Inner Freedom for me....And getting to know myself better!

Teana, UK

Eliana has the most soothing voice, it washes over you and makes you feel safe and protected. 

Throughout the session, Eliana guided my thoughts, my breathing, my mind, part of which was like a guided meditation, which led me to visualise better than I usually am able to. I've never felt this to be something that comes to me naturally and the best I usually see are colours. This time i visualised actual things!

I'd woken with a sore back on the morning of the session and without knowing this, Eliana said she felt I was holding pain in my bladder and back! WOW! This is via a zoom call by the way and not even face to face!

After the session I felt so rested, so relaxed, and pain free! That night I slept a full 8 hours, something I rarely do nowadays, usually getting 7 at best, so this was incredible for me. I woke feeling completely rested. Like I'd slept really well. 

Sara, UK

If you want to strenghten your Intuition and learn how to communicate with, listen to and heal your body through your Heart, join Eliana's membership.

The method she has developed and how she guides you is outstanding!

I had healings with Eliana before to heal ailments and open my intuition even more, and I have always left feeling better and more empowered. She is great!

Join the Academy of Dauntless Creators from the Heart. 

I am there, and we had the first call yesterday!

Ufff, it was so good!

Monica, USA

After having spent an hour and a half with you, I am such a believer in your process!! I trust that you truly do what you ask people they want to shift from and/or to :)

Your guidance yesterday has altered me for the positive! 

I can't believe it has taken me so long to actually make contact with you!!

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