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Fall in Love with Your Senses
A 6-day Experience

Mini Video Course

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Experience what it means to Fall in Love with Your Heart and your Senses!

6 videos to help you connect to, and enhance the power of your 5 senses, in a way that you'll feel you can trust your feelings and sensations more and more, and amplify your Inner Knowing and sensitivity

Here's what you'll experience:

Video 1: how to connect to the Heart, work with lights and colours to connect to your intuitive Body and decode its messages

-Video 2: how to deal with the overactive Mind, and work with sounds and words to release negative beliefs a
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-Video 3:  how to work with the power of touch to bring your visions and desires into the physical realm, and resolve something that is close to your Heart by creating happiness and joy

-Video 4: how to work with your Inner Vision to create more awareness of your field of perception, and release detrimental information from your Body with Love and Compassion as you create more well-being

-Video 5: how to connect to your Life Force Energy, understand how your Body supports you in your life's choices and decisions, and build the clockwise movement of the Life Force in a way that you'll feel you're creating the life you want with flow and ease

-Video 6: how to connect to the sense of Taste and Smell, and intuitively understand how foods, people, places and events that support our Life Force energy 

All Videos come with supporting booklets with a description of all the exercises, plus a list of dos and don't to help you focus your intention and build the desired outcome.

Many people think it's so hard to be more intuitive and sensitive, and wonder if something that feels so ethereal and invisible can actually make any real difference in their lives! 

They try to expand their intuition, but just when things start to change, they begin fighting their inner voice and give up

They think they are following their intuition and their senses, whereas they are still in their mind without knowing!

They believe it's a lot of hard work trying to find the perfect 'recipe' for a more intuitive life, and find reasons why it doesn't work!

They are unaware of how their Heart and Body are intimately connected to the life they've created, and how by being more intuitive they can transform reality at a whole new level from the space of the intuitive Body 




I used to be like that myself, practising intuition as a hobby for a very long time, and then back to living my life the usual 3D way, feeling stressed, tired and feeling like I had no power, expect 'hoping' that things would get better on their own!

With regular practice and dedication I became more and more trusting of my feelings and my senses

Now I live intuitively every minute of the day, using my Heart and Body to guide me in a 360-experience of life, in a way that I feel I can change a challenging situation into something beautiful, just by connecting to the energies around me 

Being intuitive is a fantastic experience, not only because it enhances your sensitivity, but because you can now connect to any external events, people, situations, and immediately see how you feel about them!

You begin to feel that you can decide with ease what is good or right for you, without second thoughts, without doubting whether you are imagining things, because now you know you are feeling them at a deeper level!


You develop a precognitive gift, because you can use your newly found powers ahead of any meetings, events, or anything else that is important in your future, and feeling that you have more control of the energies around you because you can predict the outcome

You connect to the Body in a totally new way, as a compass for your life's choices and desires, because now you have the ability to work with the cells and organ's energy to change the information field around you, in a way that makes you feel great about yourself and the way you feel in your body

It helps you uncover how the Body stores memories and experiences that potentially caused some blockages in your Life Force Energy, and how to get to the root cause of the problem, so you can feel a sense of release and well-being about yourself

Imagine what you could do if you could understand reality this way? how would you feel if you get that inner knowing that everything you want is coming to you with ease, with no barriers, no obstacles, no delays in the way?




In this Video series you'll learn to to activate your 5 senses to reveal a new reality that will make you feel that you have more energy, enthusiasm, confidence, and the desire and determination to go out there and do what you are really passionate about!

What would that be?

Well...let's see....

Sleeping better, having more time for yourself, seeing your body getting healthier,  falling in love, resolving family dramas, taking that course you love, starting your own business, moving to a different country, sending your kinds to that school you love?

When you fall in love with your senses, there are no limits to what you can do!

The Universe becomes your playground, you become The Creator!





A bit about me






My name is Eliana, I'm an intuitive life coach, and my passion in life is to help you fall in love with your Heart and your senses, and make you feel that you have a gift inside of you to change anything you want in life, simply by shifting the energies around you, in a way that feels loving, peaceful, and that you can trust yourself and your feelings to guide you

Prior to expanding my intuitive powers, I used to be very black and white, living a life in the fast lane, being very judgemental and critical of everything and everyone, until one day I became very ill, and had to question everything I had believed up until then

That's when i began my journey back into my Heart, gradually reconnected with my senses and feelings, and discovered that not only I could perceive things beyond the known senses, but that I could change things through them


This changed my life completely, because I began trusting myself more and more, became more confident to speak my mind, more assertive when making decisions, my body returned to good health, resolved many emotional challenges with my family, and surrounded myself with loving and supportive friends and soulmates

That's why I decided to become a coach and share my gifts with wonderful souls such as yourself going through their wonderful journey of expansion

If i did it, you can do it i too, and just by falling in love with your senses!


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