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Are you struggling to find zest for life,  and finding it harder and harder to see the 'bright side of things', because it feels phoney or a too high mountain to climb?

Do you believe that being happy means that you have to go out of your way and 'do something' to create that happiness, and that it just feels like a massive effort, rather than natural and flowing?

Do you believe that feeling deep Inner Joy is such an elusive concept, and having a happy life is a totally different ball game, and that you have to work hard for it, and the pain to get there?

How many times have you longed to feel truly happy, and instead you caught yourself saying 'it's not that easy' or 'what's the point?', or 'let's hope it gets better',  and just gave up not knowing where to start?

Many people believe that feeling true Inner Joy is such an ephemeral state, like a 'nice-to-have' thing, but really just something you do when time allows it, almost like a half-time in between the long and stress-full plays in the football match that is their life

And many people give it a go, but then give up too soon, afraid of what others might think of them, or because they decided it has no bearing in real life, and go back to their routine of feeling under pressure, overwhelmed and exhausted. 

They desire to understand more how the body can support them, and what are the sensations they are feeling and that could help them make more intuitive decisions, but think it's too complicated and takes a long time and effort to grasp, let alone see any results any time soon!


What if I told you that none of the above is true, and that by bringing Inner Joy back into your Body, you will create inside of you a permanent space of happiness, inner calmness and peace that is irreplaceable, and that will never leave you no matter what?

What if I told you that by practising being in a state of Inner Joy, you will turn your Body into a compass for happiness, as you'll attract intuitively the things and the people that will reflect that Inner Joy back into your life?

What if I told you that being more in a state of Inner Joy, you could get to the source of many of your physical symptoms (such as headaches, insomnia, stress, tension, fatigue, nausea, joint aches, lack of motivation or enthusiasm, to name but a few)?

What if I told you that with the true power of Inner Joy you'd be able to scan for the energies in and around your Body, in a way that you'll become more aware of what affects you and how, and what you can do to release them?
What if I told you that by practicing being in a state of Inner Joy, that you will feel more supported when dealing with challenging emotions and feelings, and that you will feel stronger and more resilient?

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Imagine how much more powerful that would be?
And what could you do with that kind of power?

Would your workplace look any different? Would your family feel any different?

Would you feel any different in your body, and your health?

Would you have the energy, stamina and determination now to start that course, attend that event, stand up and say or do for what you feel is right for you and your loved ones, move to that place you've been dreaming of for so long, change your carrier and maybe start your own business?

What else could you do with that power?

You know you are a lot more powerful than you give yourself credit for!

Just because that inner voice inside of you is saying that that there's a reality beyond the known 5 senses, and that you if could tap into it with the Joy from your Heart, many of your questions would be answered right there and then!

If this sounds like you, then you're ready for this program!

We start April '23

Experience 360 degrees of Inner Joy!

5-week intensive journey into the deeply transformational power of Inner Joy to transform your Body and the reality around you with the Joy from your Heart and the power of your senses!

You will learn how to:

-generate and expand the power of Inner Joy inside in your Body, in a way that you’ll turn it into a permanent space of calmness, inner peace, inner balance and strength as if you were wearing it on your own skin, literally!

-turn your Body into an intuitive compass to make decisions and choices that feel right to you, and that will strengthen your inner guidance more and more. 


-scan your body and its organs intuitively for unwanted energies and information, and release them in a way that feels safe and effective


-extend your Inner Joy beyond your physical Body into the things that matters to you in a 360-degree approach (your workplace, your kids and family, your health, your home etc), in a way that you'll bring happiness and harmony to them intuitively


-recognise when your Mind is playing tricks on you, and how to make it work for you, rather than against you, to change any negative beliefs into powerful intentions and outcomes


-deal with undesirable emotions and feelings, in a way that you’ll see them with compassion and acceptance, and release them to create a healthier and stronger Body


Week 1 EM-BODY 

We'll connect to the Body intuitively by amplyfing Inner Joy, and we'll scan the body to decode its messages and what needs to change or amplified. 

This is where we truly amplify the power of the Heart energy and the Thymus gland to resolve particular challenge that you’re trying to resolve. 

You'll learn what it is to feel Joy in your Body and on your skin, literally!


We'll bring together Heart, Body and Mind to amplify your Life Force Energy, and identify what brings you more inner strength and courage. 

When the 3 work together they become a Force to be reckoned with!

This is where we work with the energies of the Solar Plexus and Lower Heart chakras to resolve a problem of your choice



We'll expand our creative energy, by connecting to the Sacral chakra and the reproductive organs, and remove any imbalances that affect the Life Force Energy 

We'll continue to work on a specific challenge of your choice, and by doing so we'll reprogram the cells in your body to reproduce Inner Joy and Love inside your Body and around it



We'll work to strenghten our inner guidance, and the guidance that comes from guides,mentors, friends or trusted sources, in a way that you’ll trust your Heart and your senses more and more. 

Our focus will be working pituitary gland, the master gland that is our Crown Chakra, and that is the key decision maker in how our energies are distributed and amplified in and around our body. 



We are going to bring it all together and learn to expand our Life Force,  by amplifying our Inner Vision, and creating healthy boundaries around our body, our relationships, our workplace and anything else that matters to you!

This is where the Body becomes the truly creative space for building your new physical reality

You will learn to work with different methods that will enhance your experience of the 5 senses, in a way that you'll connect to the Joy in your Body with sounds, words, colours, lights, touch and inner vision


What's in it for me?

-5 LIVE group sessions as part of the program (you’ll have lifetime access to the recordings) 


️ -a workbook with the exercises covered in this program, plus dos and don’ts to make sure you get the best results with the methods 


️ -a 60-min 121 call with me 

 -a private Facebook group to ask questions or share any insights you may have following your transformation (the group will stay open for 9 weeks from the start date of the program)


️ -a 20-minute 121 follow-up session to check on your progress, and if you have any questions 

A little bit about ME

I'm Eli and I'm an intuitive life coach, and my passion is to help you master your intuitive abilities, and change your reality by changing the energies in your inner world that is your Heart and the Body
I used to think life was pretty much in black and white, until the day that I became very ill and had to reconsider all of my life's choices up until then
That's when the LightFrequencies connected with me and told me about my inner power to connect to my Heart and Body as a way to perceive reality, and to transform it from the inside out
That's when I began by listening to my Heart messages and trusting it more and more for guidance, and reveal to me a new reality through the Body beyond what I believed to be  true and real
My inner knowing of things, people and situations became clearer, I grew in confidence and I gradually let go of all my worries and doubts about myself and my life.
My health recovered, my family squabbles gradually disolved, and my realtionships had a complete make over, because I had began living from the space of the Heart to guide me. 
I have no doubts whatsoever that the deeply spiritual and physical transformation i experienced is something that you too can attain, just by trusting in the power of your Heart and your senses to help you create more Joy, confidence and willpower in your life!

If you're reading this, then you are ready to experience it!


Added Bonuses if you join before Monday 3rd April '23

a pre-recorded 2.5 hour Masterclass to amplify energy and inner strength by working with your solar plexus energies 

a 45-mins 121 session to scan and remove energies around you workplace or home

When you are in your Heart Space you become Limitless!

JOIN US to create the life you desire TODAY!

Tap into the power of your Heart and your senses, and create more Inner Joy in your Body and the Reality around you, in a way that you feel that everything is impossible to you now!

Don't believe me still?

See what others have experienced while working with me!

Alzira, USA

I'm learning so much from your program, and so many changes already! 

I just wish I had met you sooner my friend!

 Anna, UK

am very grateful for the session with Eli. I could feel the energy at work making it very real for me. After the session it started to rain cats and dogs which I perceived as a release or cleansing of something from my energy field that no longer served me and was holding me back in many ways... 

Eli helped me release negative energy from my immediate environment and I was so relieved and grateful for seeing the environment change for the better not long after. 

The session seemed like a catalyst for many 'mini-transformations' for me since then especially in the way I look at myself now - my own inner power, which I use to continue creating better and better versions of myself. Thank You Eli. 

Kelly, UK

I had the honour of a virtual energy session with Eliana. 

Eliana has a beautiful presence and aura; she's intuitive, soothing and professional, I felt calm, relaxed, understood and safe. Before our session I had been challenged with feeling emotionally depleted and experienced blocked energy. Eliana skillfully and intuitively guided me, filling my heartspace with renewed warmth and flow, releasing and clearing stuck energies, physical painn and realigning my intuition. I felt so much more in tune and elevated following on from our session. I highly recommend working with Eliana! thank you Eliana!

Teana, UK

I LOVE shouting about WONDERFUL people.....Don't you?

I was lucky enough to have a session with Eliana Barosco!

Eliana has the most soothing voice. it washes over you and makes you feel SAFE and PROTECTED.

I honestly wasn't sure what to expect at all. Throughout the session Eliana guided my thoughts, my breathing, my mind, part of which was like a guided meditation, which led me to actually visualise BETTER than i USUALLY am able to. I've NEVER felt this to be something that comes to me naturally and the best i usually see are colours. THIS time i visualised actual things!

i'd woken with a sore back on the morning of the session and without knowing this, Eliana said she felt i was holding pain in my bladder and back! WOW! This is via a zoom call by the way, and not even face to face! 

After the session I felt so rested, so relaxed and PAIN FREE! That night i slept a full 8 hours, something i rarely do nowadays, usually getting 7 at BEST, so this was INCREDIBLE for me. I woke feeling COMPLETELY rested. 

Eliana made me feel relaxed, pain free and the next day fully rested and re-energised!

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