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Unlock your inner power to manifest a new reality

''There is no way to happiness, happiness is the way''
Thich Nhat Hahn

A little bit about ME

A Man is but a product of his thoughts what he thinks he becomes 

Mahatma Ghandi


"Well you were born with this gift, so that’s easy for you!"


You wouldn’t believe the number of times people said this to me:) 


What if I told you that for most of my life my motto had always been 'black is black, white is white, and don’t try and talk me into any spiritual stuff'?


Of course I do remember being a very gifted child, able to see and hear things that most people couldn’t comprehend. 


To me talking to trees or beings from past lives felt very normal, and made me feel like the world was a wonderful place full of secrets to discover and experience.


"So what changed?" you may ask! 


Well…. imagine being surrounded by people who, although very caring, don’t really believe in your ‘special power’ to connect to the world! 


Add to that the bullying at school for being ‘different’, ‘too sensitive’ or ‘emotional’! 


And then you’ll see how easy it is for a little girl to start second guessing her visions and feelings….


That’s when I said goodbye to my inner child, and embraced the role of a fictional person, seeing life as just a series of events, mostly brimming with fear and worry, and occasionally yielding moments of happiness and calmness.


This act carried on until December 2012, when I became very ill! 


You won’t believe the physical pain I suffered, not to mention the emotional rollercoaster of anger, loneliness, depression and even suicide that entered my life!

It was only when I started questioning my life’s choices that I had that aha! moment. 


‘What was it?’ You’d ask  


Well…. I realised that not only the illness was just a reflection of an underlying trauma, but that my thoughts over time had brought it about. 


And that the same way I had become ill, I also had the power to restore my body back to health! 


Which is exactly what I did in the next six months: the pain subsided, my body became stronger, and I began feeling more positive and focused:) 


Slowly new people entered my life, guiding me into re-discovering my intuitive abilities, and mentoring me into becoming the coach I am today.


Since then I’ve completely transformed my life, with synchronicities occurring daily as I keep working with the law of attraction to manifest things round the clock!


You still think you can’t do it because you are not born with the so-called gift? 


Wrong! We are all born with it!


All it takes is for you to work with the higher consciousness frequencies in your creative field and let them do the work to make your dreams come true! 


 My mission is to help you master your intuitive abilities to create a happy and fulfilling life in harmony with your body and the outer world.

I can’t wait to work with you and show you how powerful you are!

Pink to Orange Gradient


a 1.5 Hour to to help you:
-Tap into your intuitive abilities with ease
-Create realignment to your goals by creating a space of inner calmess and focus
-turn limiting beliefs into a space of self-empowerment
-understand the body's role in your creative field, and how to work with subtle bodies of information to transform your current reality

Pink to Orange Gradient
The Soul Expansion 6-week 121 Foundation Program

individually tailored to meet your needs and schedule

Be prepared to be amazed as you'll unlock your potential to easily attract in your life the things you dream of!

Remember everything is possible, and I will show you exactly how easily you can make this happen!

Very little is needed to make a happy life; it is all within yourself, in your way of thinking

Marcus Aurelius

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Canyon Lake

Thank you for your message, I will get back to you as soon as possible:)

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